Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My First Major Do-It-Yourself Remodel

The idea of remodeling anything scares me because I am no professional. But, who can seriously afford dropping thousands of dollars on remodeling right now? So the wheels in my head started turning and I began reading up on do-it-yourself projects - the cheapest way to go.
First, I found this great idea on Thrifty Decor Chick's blog. She is awesome! Seriously, she has so many great decor ideas and shows you how to do them, while all at the same time saving some serious cash!
Anyways, I had so many empty glass vases - and had no idea what to do with them. So I grabbed one, a glue gun, and jute rope.

Two hours later, I got this! What do you think?
This was a practice one but I am still so very proud of my first DIY project:)I am doing several more of these with different sized vases to create an arrangement - for my new bathroom :)
Okay, so on to the big DYI project - the UGLY BLAND BASEMENT BATHROOM!
Something came over me - I had to change this bathroom. It is white, boring, ugly ugly cabinetry - just blah! But again, not much cash to drop on a huge remodel so I had to get a little creative. And thanks to the world of blogging, you can find great ideas on just about anything!
So I made a trip to Lowes (scary thought), picked out paint color for the walls, spray paint and spray paint primer for the cabinets. Painting cabinets = SAND, PRIME, PAINT. This is what the blog world taught me :) And here we go:
This is the bathroom before. Horrific, look away, look away!

I started by removing all the hardware (fixtures and such) and removed the cabinets.

Next, after I cleaned the cabinets with soap and water, I sanded them down. This was my VERY FIRST time using a sander. I didn't even know what a sander was last week!

This picture shows the difference between the sanded-down door and the original.
Next, I primed the cabinets with spray paint primer. Since I was painting the cabinets a darker color, I got a gray tinted primer to hold the color well.

And here is the bathroom so far.

Compared to its horrific state before, I think it's looking great already! There is still a lot more work to be done - put last coat on the cabinets, install the cabinets, get new light fixtures, faucet, mirror, accessorize, etc. So stayed tuned for the big reveal!

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