Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Design Intervention - A Table Ending

This is a semi-makeover since I am calling on your opinions on how to "finish" this makeover ending.
I found this table and its 4 matching chairs on Craigslist for $40. It came with an extra leaf for extra seating so I thought that was a good deal. We desperatly need seating in the breakfast area.

The table was yucky maroon with lovely off-white legs. I think the legs and the curvature on the chairs is what appealed to me.

My original inspiration for the table came from this picture:

So when I started sanding the table, I was so bummed to find out that the top was not wood but plastic! Okay, so obviously now a stained wood top would no longer work. Uh!

Then I knew that we have plans to paint our kitchen cabinets white (hold your breath, some day!) - so I need a bit of contrast in the space. Hence, I decided to paint the table black.

And here is the play-by-play:

Step 1: I first wiped down the table to clean off any dirt, grease and dust.

Step 2: The paint job on the table was horrible. I was peeling it right off. Got lazy and decided to use paint thinner. Paint thinner took forever so I decided to sand right away. I really should have stuck to just peeling the paint off. But I got to use this lovely lady (yes, my tools are feminine):

Step 3: After hours of sanding, I got impatient and decided it was time for the primer. I used a gray primer since I was painting the table a dark color.

Step 4: After priming, I spray painted first with Rustoluem Black - Flat. This was a mistake and it made the table look like charcoal. I then went out and purchased Black semi-gloss paint. The table started to look much better.

Step 5: Finally for durability and protection, (since this will be a high traffic piece of furniture), I used Wipe-On Poly.

Here is the before again:

Here is the after:

Now, I need your help on how this happy ending should play out for this table. As you notice, I left the legs as-is. My husband likes it this way but I am not completely sold. I would like to paint the legs black as well. What do you think?

Second, what should I do with the chairs? Should I paint them all black as well?

You all are so talented and I know I can count on your great ideas.

I am still not completely finished with the top of the table as I have a little bit of "personalizing" to do to make it my own. Here is a sneak peek.

Can you read what it says?

I will be back with hopefully the final reveal of the whole set.


Sarah said...

does the table say "always by my side"? well, either way, it turned out AWESOME. i think you should keep the chair legs and backs white, but paint the seats black. it'll look nice to contrast the black tabletop against white chair backs.

also, i'm glad you talked about the products you used and enjoyed. while it's nice to see the before/after shot, i think it's just as important to see what every DIY-er does and uses along the way.

this turned out great and i can't wait to see the finished product!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I think it turned out awesome ... great job!

I like the legs white, but I think I would like it even better all painted chairs too. Especially if you're planning on having white cabinets.

REally, you can't lose either way. It looks great now, so maybe you don't want the extra work of more painting. Also, love the personalized top. that is great!


JobandBrittany said...

what a great price. i think all black on the table and chairs too. but either way it will look great!

Six in One Hand said...

I think that you should leave the table as it is!!! It's tooo cute for words.

I would paint the chairs black and white as well.

Queen Mommy said...

Hopped over from A Soft Place to Land. I have no particular advice. Just wanted to say that is the same table I have in my dining room. My IL's had it for many years, and when they bought a new table, they offered it to us. Ours is still the original dark wood-grain finish. I've wondered how to update it, but I didn't know how that would work with the particle board/plastic table top. Will be interested in seeing how you finish it off.

+mommey said...

it looks great, ..awesome job...i think you should paint it all black, but leave the white writing on the table, may be include more writing..
great job...:)

Alyssa Barnett said...

I think you should paint the legs and chairs black...and maybe make some colorful cushions for the seats...they're pretty easy to make.
Good Luck!

Courtney said...

crazy that the top was plastic!! you did great it looks much much better

Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 said...

Your table looks so fabulous!! I'm totally jealous!

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

looks great thanks for sharing

(i'd paint it black.. bu then again i LOVE black)

Sunny said...

Stopping by from ASPTL.

My vote is to go all black. I recently spray painted some old chairs black but didn't realize at first that I bought flat - soooo had to go back and get the semi-gloss! Gives it a richer feel. Anyway, furniture rehab takes patience, doesn't it?!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Personally, I like the legs white. I just adore tables with different tops than their legs. I would paint the chairs black though. I think just the pop of white on the legs really makes a statement. CAn't wait to see what you decide though! I just bought paint today to redo my dining room table and chairs.

Let it Shine said...

Looks great! You did a good job.
I say all black too. You could even do the posts black, but paint the turned parts (the little details on the legs) that poke out more white..... And best thing is if you don't like it you can always go back white.

The Bargainista said...

wow, what a stunning project!! love it! :) Cant wait to see the "always by my side" on it! And the chairs I think would look great all white or white and black like the table with some words on the seats also!! :)

Emily said...

This is a lovely project! Though I can't believe what a mess that table was when you got it!
I would leave the table as is, and for the chairs, keep in time with that same theme. Leave the current 'white' as it is, and do the maroon or whatever color that is on the seat, turn it to black. The white backs sticking up over the black table would be an awesome contrast! Especially if you plan on painting your cupboards white!