Monday, August 31, 2009

A Happy Ending and Tablescaping

Thanks for every one's opinions on the table makeover. I decided on the "all black" for a sleek and classy look. To recap...
Table before:
Table after (last week):

And the table now!

I am loving it all black! I decided to use the three chairs I purchased at a thrift store recently instead of the chairs that came with the table. They gave the table height and matched perfectly. But now I am on the hunt for a fourth chair, grrr! Note to self: purchase chairs in even numbers next time!

So as I was setting the table for a dinner party, I stepped back and realized that I had created my very first tablescape! I didn't realize how using simple things from around the house can transform the look and feel of the table. Here are some close-ups:

I used my fine china and stainless steel silverware over silver chargers, but to counter-balance the elegance, I used sisal place mats and quirky glassware. I added variations of candlelight for coziness and mood, and a centerpiece with fruit to give the table life. I placed a basket to hold the extra silverware for a rustic element. And the sunflowers add color while complimenting the earthy tones.

If you haven't tuned in to the art of tablescaping, you are definitely missing out on letting your creative juices flow. You can scape whatever you fancy - rustic, elegance, chic, quirky. The possibilities are endless! Can't wait to do some tablescaping for the holidays :)


maitlandmommy AKA Sheri said...

what a really pretty table - i love a good table setting - it's something i admire in others but can't quite seem to pull it off myself - nicely done :)

Michelle said...

Very did an awesome job! I'm sure your guests enjoy themselves! I really like your table and chairs all're right, it does look sleek & classy :)

~Michelle :)

sarah said...

Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love this tablescape! So pretty...
pk @ Room Remix