Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Thanksgiving Table

It was my first time hosting Thanksgiving this year. We were only having my parents and sister over, so very low-key no pressure. But I still wanted the table to be festive - without spending a penny. Very doable with these two ideas!

First, I had seen the cutest Thanksgiving place cards over on Kimba's DIY Day. Turley Times made these adorable place cards for Thanksgiving and I knew I had to recreate (a.k.a copy!).

These were so easy to make. Turley Times did a great job on the step-by-step. I basically followed it but skipped the leaves (just because I didn't have them and was too lazy to get them). Here is my version:

Cost for this project: $0.00. I had the ribbon, vellum paper, card stock, pine cones and of course a printer.

Next, the Thanksgiving centerpiece. Again, this was super easy to make and costed $0.00! Here is what you will need:

1. Drinking Glasses
2. Beans, lentils, any dried food
3. Card stock paper
4. Tree branches
5. Ribbon
6. Vellum paper
7. Printer
8. Hole puncher

Here is what I did. I printed my Thanksgiving message (THANKS) on vellum paper. I cut circles of card stock paper a little bigger than the vellum paper. I hole punched both vellum paper and card stock and tied a ribbon through to attach them together.

I picked out some tree branches and tied the tags to them. I filled my drinking glasses with bird food (yes, bird food - I had no other dried food!). I cut out circles of card stock and placed them over the bird food - just so that we don't smell it! Hehe, so obviously this step is optional :)

I then stuck the branches through the card stock and the bird food - and voila! One of the easiest projects ever!

And here is the low-key and extremely casual (and cheap!) Thanksgiving table.

Love it!

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