Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craft Room Closet: Phase 1

I am still here! I am lurking on the blogs more these days than actually posting to my own. But only because we made the executive decision that all big house projects, DIY, decorating, etc. needs to be put on hold for now. The hubby was laid off and so some sacrificing is needed.

But it is still not stopping me from doing FREE or close-to-nothing projects around the house. As a "Design Challenge" for myself, I decided to create a Craft Room/Closet on a budget of $0.00-$40.00! Yup, that is my commitment and my challenge. It might not be the best breath-taking Craft Room, but in the end, the joy of winning my own challenge will be gratifying enough for me. And who knows, I might inspire one or two of you on the way.

I am not a HUGE crafter by any means but I do want to designate a space for myself to escape and create. You know that daunting feeling when you are trying to be creative at a dining room table surrounded by mess. It just does not cut it. No pun intended :)

Like any big projects, breaking them into small little projects helps with your time and sanity. I drive myself crazy with little details before tackling big details, so this helps organize my thoughts and action plan.

Phase 1: Choose Your Space, Take Inventory, Plan Your Space

1. Choose Your Space: We are blessed with a home that has PLENTY of storage space. For me, I knew I did not need (or require) a whole room, so this semi walk-in closet in our basement was perfect.

2. Take Inventory: Go through your craft room supplies and create categories. After going through and decluttering my supplies, I came up with the following:
- Gift Wrapping Station
- Scrapbooking Station
- Floral Station
- Stationary Station
- Seasonal
- Miscellaneous

You find multiples of things you thought you didn't have! I had no idea I had 11 scissors! Where are they when you set out everyone in the house on a mission to find just one?

3. Plan Your Space: Now knowing the stations I need in my Craft Room, I was ready to draw out a plan of the space and where I wanted each station to be located. Designers will laugh at my elementary school drawing here :)

I shopped my house (and my parents' house..hehe) for furniture and came up with an old desk that needs some TLC, a three-shelf bookcase, a chair, and several other misc. items such as baskets, tin cans, etc.

And that completed Phase 1 at $0.00!

Pre-Phase 1:

Post-Phase 1:

Next up, Phase 2: Choosing a Color Palette and Painting!

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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

So excited to see how your craft area turns out! What a great space. I love those three-tiered baskets.

So sorry to hear that your husband lost his job. We too are on unemployment right now. It is incredibly hard. Was really inspired by this post. Thanks!