Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spray Paint Fumes - what do you do?

A little update to my paint question: Trina from Fabulously Frugalicious (love that blog name by the way!), recommended DutchBoy new Refresh paint that contains Arm & Hammer to lessen the fumes and lingering paint odors. Click here for her review. Thanks Trina! I am definitely considering this brand for our next paint project.

We have spray painted the cabinets in our basement bathroom (where there is no ventilation) without wearing gloves or face mask. Then today I spray painted a planter (for the topiary project) in one of our unfinished basement rooms, again with no ventilation.

Since I know you ladies use spray paint alot, what precautions do you take when you do your projects? And are you worried about over-exposure to these fumes over time? Is there non-toxic spray paint you buy? Do you avoid the rooms where you have painted or spray painted and if so for how long? What about taking precautions with kids in the home? Any tips and suggestions are welcomed.

I am not feeling dizzy or anything, but I did have to go outside and take a fresh breath and I just felt heaviness in my chest a bit afterwards. From feeling this, I am definitely spray painting outside from now on with face mask and gloves at least.


Trina said...

Hi! I saw you on 320 Sycamore and you had a question about paint fumes there as well. This is not regarding spray paint but for regular paint. I just tried Dutchboy's new Refresh paint and did a review on it. It's on my blog if you wanna see how it turned out, but there were hardly any fumes as we painted and none after it was dry! You know how that paint smell likes to linger a few days? Well I guess the Arm & Hammer stuff that's in the paint absorbs the odors or something, because we had no problems with lingering paint smell!

Trina said...

PS here is the link directly to that post on Refresh paint:

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I always spray paint big stuff outside, in the yard or in the garage with the door open. I do spray paint in the basement in the winter, but it's smaller stuff. I don't stay down there, or if I do, I have a fan running. I'm not good at wearing a mask, but I should do that more. (They are super cheap.)
I never spray paint around our son...I have outside but he's not been near it at all. Good questions!! I am trying to be better about using precautions when spray painting and sanding items.