Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I made me a topiary!

I finished my third diy decor on my project list. Remember when I said one project a month? Yeah, right! I am already itching for the next project!

So to recap, here is Kara's version of the topiary: Here is Melissa's version of the topiary:
And here is my version of the topiary:
What do you think? This was super easy! You can get decorations on how to make your own from either Kara's post or Melissa's post or see my directions below.

I actually didn't need to use hot glue as I used the ends of the stem of my fake greenery to puncture the Styrofoam ball.

1. Two 6 inch green Styrofoam balls from Michaels. Each one was $4.99 and got to use my 50% off coupon
2. Greenery I already had
3. Planter I already had
4. Spray paint I already had
5. Tree branch - I already had :)
6. Bag of moss ($1 from the Dollar Store)
Total: $8.48!

1. I spray painted my planter. It was a light oak color and decided to spray paint it espresso
2. I worked my way around the green Styrofoam with the fake greenery
3. I filled the planter with another Styrofoam ball and covered the top with moss
4. I got a tree branch from my yard, plopped the topiary on it and then stuck it through the base Styrofoam ball inside the planter, and done!

Seriously, this was super easy and idiot proof for people like yours truly. And most importantly, super cheap. So go make yourself a topiary!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't blogging inspiration the greatest!!! Your topiary turned out beautiful!